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​Place an order with us from now until 24th December to support lonely, vulnerable and isolated people this festive season.

People, yes people are at the heart of Jersey Beauty. We love to celebrate a happy and remarkable you. Our happy, remarkable you philosophy doesn’t just apply to our Jersey customers, it applies to everyone.

For many, Christmas is a happy time of family, celebration, gifts and chocolate! But others feel especially low, lonely or isolated around the holiday season, with nowhere to go on Christmas day.

In our city there is a fabulous charity called Imagine If that host a Christmas Day Meal for those in the local community who may be lonely, isolated, vulnerable or unable to afford a meal for themselves or their family. Imagine If provide a 3 course meal on Christmas Day, served by a dedicated team of volunteers, with prizes, games, live entertainment and music.

Simply put, Imagine If are a Liverpool-based charity that aim to relieve poverty, support families and promote education in Merseyside communities.

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In 2018 they fed 250 guests with the help of 36 volunteers!

That’s the lives of 250 people that were touched, even if just for one day!

Sadly, there are many problems in the world that we can’t solve. Here at Jersey we love to do, what may seem like small, insignificant acts, that can have a huge impact on the lives of other people.

So this year, here at Jersey Beauty, we have decided that for every order you place between now and the 24th December, we are going to donate a percentage to Imagine If Trust’s Christmas Day Meal.

This is really important to us here at Jersey because like we said, people are unique and amazing beings and we want them ALL to feel loved and celebrated, especially at Christmas time.

You can help celebrate happy and remarkable people too! We will automatically donate for each order placed but if you want to do a small act that will have a big impact too, you can add a donation at the checkout.

From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of Imagine If Christmas Day Meal, thank you so much for giving people friendship and community this Christmas. YOU ARE AWESOME.

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