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'Do Good' isnʼt any old run-of-the mill, make you feel good kinda company value, itʼs a Jersey Beauty Company kinda value which means that it runs through the very heart of our team and leaves a big sticky and indelible thumbprint on the day-to-day goings on here at JBC HQ.

Itʼs the kind of value that has us doing lots of super lovely (but far from fluffy) things that make a real difference, small things and the not so small things that have us all feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside and super smiley on the outside.

Hereʼs what weʼre doing daily to help support, promote and enable projects that will truly thrive, creating lasting and sustainable support to individuals and communities globally.


Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship is the Dermalogica Charity founded by Jane Wurwand and facilitated through the lending platform KIVA. FITE enables microloans to be offered in support of women globally, helping to provide education and resources that empower women to travel their own journey to independence. Jersey Beauty Company retails Dermalogica FITE products and provides direct support to women globally through microloans.