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Forget what you’ve heard: there’s a new type of vitamin C serum getting better results than ever before…

  • Instead of simply brightening - what if vitamin C serum could tone and firm your skin so that you had a smooth, even finish?
  • Instead of overpromising - what if you used a vitamin C serum that actually impressed you, as you notice changes in the mirror with every application?
  • Instead of just protecting your skin from pollutants than can cause wrinkles - what if your vitamin C serum actually retrained your skin to protect itself?

What if you combined patented peptide ingredients + 2 types of new generation vitamin C + 4 of the most talked-about ingredients in the beauty industry at the moment...

… you’d get Dermalogica’s brand new Biolutin-C serum. The future of vitamin C skincare.

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In a market that is saturated with lies and phoney products, Dermalogica wanted to prove their integrity by creating a product with numerous, exceptional ingredients (the kind of ingredients that are always in the press, on beauty blogs or dermatologist reports.) As a result, they formulated an incredible, results driven “Ultra Stable Vitamin C Complex”. This complex gives results such as:

  • A noticeably even skin tone, especially across areas of scarring, redness and hyperpigmentation, so that you feel confident and radiant as you look in the mirror.
  • Softer wrinkles so that skin no longer feels like it has lost its bounce. Instead, your skin looks smooth making you feel happy with your appearance.
  • Firm, supple skin which enhances your natural glow. When skin is firm, light can reflect from your skin making you look truly glowing.
  • Bright skin even in the midst of hormonal fluctuation or menopause in which skin can often look dull due to a loss of hydration.
  • Fewer age spots so that any past sun damage is repaired, allowing you to age without fear.
  • Protection against pollution so that you can feel confident that you will have skin that looks great, regardless of your lifestyle. Pollution won’t have a hold over your skin - meaning you won’t look dull or suffer fine lines as a result of your environment.
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Thanks to the “Ultra Stable Vitamin C Complex” Biolumin C Serum embodies the idea of a ‘Dermalogica glow’.

What’s a Dermalogica glow?

  • It’s even and healthy skin that doesn’t need makeup.
  • Skin that is firm and bright, no matter your age.
  • A Dermalogica glow doesn’t show up for one day. It lasts for the long haul, even after you’ve finished your products.
  • A Dermalogica glow represents strong and healthy skin.
  • It is a clever complexion, that protects itself against pollutants, and sugar traps threatening to produce wrinkles.
  • A Dermalogica glow is not easily lost, because its deepest layers have been rebuilt. It’s proteins and tissues are encouraged.

You’ve never known brightness like it. But other products will only look to brighten the surface level. Other products might make you glow for one or two days. For it is a Dermalogica glow that lets you see a reflection in the mirror that makes you feel truly confident with the results.