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The leaves are changing colour. The days are getting shorter. Soon there will be the smell of bonfires in the air.

Autumn is on its way and with it... colder weather with wind and rain. Time to reach for the autumn jumpers and turn up the heating! But what about your skin? Have you noticed your skin changes with the seasons too? How does the change of season affect your unique skin? At Jersey Beauty Company, we love our skins in every season and every stage of the ageing process. But we also know our skins have different needs and concerns at different times of the year.

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So new season... new skincare regime?

While we are not saying you should throw away all of your existing products that you love, there is also a bit of a myth about skincare, the one that says when you find the perfect combination of products you should always stick with them. Of  there are some key skin care products that will be great for your skin all year round. But then there are also some extra products that you might want to add at certain  when your skin needs extra help.

It’s a good thing to change things up! Not only will a change help to address the specific skin care needs you have right now, but will also promote skin health.

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So when it comes to Autumn skincare, what changes are you likely to see?

As the central heating is turned on, heaters inside cars and even the occasional open fire or log burner, this all has an effect on your skin. The exposure to extreme temperature changes – from inside a warm car or house to the cold air outside with wind and rain taking its toll on your skin – will have an effect on your skin. Dryness, dehydration and dull skin are all side effects of the change in seasons.

The good news is with the right skincare regime for your skin, you can have as fabulous skin in Autumn as you have done all Summer long. So how can we adapt our skin care regime for the colder weather?

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1. Hydration: Change Your Moisturiser

A common skin concern during the colder months is dehydration. That might come as a bit of a surprise. We tend to think of dehydration being something that happens to us in warmer  when the sun is sucking the water from our skin. But dehydrated skin is a big problem for our skin during the colder months. This is because artificial heaters take water from our skin, along with the exposure to colder temperatures.

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

So how can you tell if your skin is dehydrated? Well, the first thing to tackle is the dry versus dehydrated skin question! At JBC we speak to a lot of you, with concerns over  skin which is actually dehydrated. Although they can seem similar, dry skin is when your skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin is when your skin lacks water. So the two skin concerns need different products to treat them!
Both dry and dehydrated skins can mean redness and irritation. But with dry skin, we need products that repair the lipid barrier – the oily layer that sits on top of your skin and protects the layers underneath. With dehydrated  we need products that pump moisture back into the deeper layers.

Dehydrated skin will feel rough to the touch and may look as though it is creped. It is that feeling, when you look at your skin first thing, that you have extra lines and wrinkles. This is because the layers  your skin are lacking water. So what you need is a moisturiser that can work to rehydrate those deeper layers of skin.

Signs Your Skin Needs a Different Moisturiser

Signs to look out for are:

  • Redness and increased sensitivity
  • Deepening lines and wrinkles
  • Skin feels rough to the touch
  • Dry patches
  • Dull skin

How To Choose The Right Moisturiser For Autumn Skin

You need to choose a moisturiser that suits your individual skin. There are loads to choose from on the Jersey Beauty Company website. If you have an oily skin that is dehydrated, you might want to choose an oil-free moisturiser like Dermalogica Active Moist that will feel light on your skin but will rehydrate it.
 A great choice for a treat for your skin in Autumn is Dermalogica Super Rich Repair that is great for both dry and dehydrated skin and provides protection for the change in weather on your skin.

Hr Dermalogica Active Moist 1

Active Moist

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Super Rich Repair 1A

Super Rich Repair

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2. Frequency: Hydrate your skin more often during the day

So… we moisturise twice daily... surely we’re not suggesting you apply moisturiser more often than that? Well, no, and sort of! There is more than one way to top up the levels of moisture in your skin. Using a moisturiser that drenches your skin in hydration twice a day is a great start for rehydrating skin and protecting your skin in Autumn. But your skincare regime in Autumn may need more than that.

We want to introduce to two products you might want to consider adding to your Autumn skin care regime for the colder months – a booster and a toner.


Just as we might invest in a thermal layer when the cold weather starts to kick  or layer up with a scarf and hat, both the booster and moisturising toner have the same effect. Rather like a thermal layer, using a hydrating booster gives another layer of moisture to your skin, locked in with your moisturiser that can get really deep into those neglected layers of skin.

Try a booster like Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster which has active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which is amazing for hydration. This ingredient can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water so helps your skin to lock in moisture so it has a  effect, preparing your skin for the colder months.

Skin Hydrating Booster 1

Skin Hydrating Booster

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Moisturising Toner

The second product to consider is a moisturising spritz toner. Now when you think about toners, you might have an idea of how toners once were – highly astringent, designed to strip  cleanser. But that isn’t the kind of toner we are talking about adding to your skincare regime. Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner is  and can be applied throughout the day for an instant moisture boost. This is a great addition if you work indoors with artificial heating. A spritz in the afternoon can top up your hydration levels

Multi Active Toner 1

Multi Active Toner

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3. Don’t ditch the SPF: sun damage happens all year round

OK, so we’re in Autumn. The sun has well and truly decided it is no longer Summer. You may already be one of those people who go to work in the dull light of morning and go home after dark. So, when we now say you still need SPF (Sun Protection Factor), you may think we have gone crazy! But actually, SPF is just as important for your skin in Autumn as it is in the heat of Summer

Why? Well, you might not be able to see the sun’s work as clearly as you did in Summer, but those nasty UVA and UVB rays are still penetrating your skin, not only causing premature ageing, breaking down  but also causing more serious cancer risks. Bottom line, your skin needs protection from the sun’s rays 24/7/365.
So you might want to consider adding a booster to your normal moisturiser to get your SPF boost. Dermalogica SPF 50 Solar Defense Booster turns your moisturiser into an SPF with just a few drops.
 you could look at using an SPF moisturiser.
Read our blog post on Sun Protection Creams: 5 Things a Scientist and a Skin Therapist Need You to Know

Solar Defense Booster

Solar Defense Booster SPF50

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4. Cleanse better: Double cleansing for a fresher, brighter appearance

In the Summer months, when we may be hotter, we might have been better at the double cleanse. Now, in case this is a new phrase for you, when we say double cleanse, what we mean is that your skin actually benefits from adding a ‘step zero’ – a pre-cleanse. To make the most of your cleanser, using an  pre-cleanse, like Dermalogica Precleanse Balm, gets rid of the dirt and grime and makeup so your cleanser can work deeper

Why Double Cleanse in the Autumn?

Our skin can start to look dull in the Autumn months. Adding a pre-cleanse to your skincare routine is a must all year round, but if you don’t already, Autumn is the ideal time to start double cleansing. The Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Balm is an oil based pre-cleanser. Now, if you have oily skin, the idea of using an oil-based cleanser might sound your alarm bells! But actually oil is attracted to oil, so this is great for oily skin to cleanse deeply. It also dissolves makeup and so your skin can really feel clean.

Combining the Precleanse balm with your normal cleanser, as part of your Autumn skincare will give you super clean skin. 

Precleanse Balm6

PreCleanse Balm

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5. Exfoliate

When your skin is feeling sensitised from the colder weather, exfoliating can be really low on your list. But to really get the most out of the moisturisers and boosters, you need to exfoliate regularly. By removing the dead skin cells on top of your skin, you can prevent breakouts and help your skin to renew itself. When your skin has become dry or dehydrated it needs help to renew itself with a good exfoliator.

Daily Resurfacer 1

Daily Resurfacer

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