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Joanna M

Love this pre-cleanser, its the first time I have used a pre-cleanse before and really love how it removes all my make-up to thoroughly cleanse my face before using my age defend cleanser

Hannah -

I wear a lot of mascara and eye makeup and this gets it all of so easily! It works so well. I use it with my protect cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed

Fob W

I love the fact that this easily gets off all makeup... even the most stubborn of mascaras. It leaves your skin feeling cleansed without being stripped.

Vicky -

I honestly don’t feel like I’m actually getting rid of my make up without using this. You literally see it melt off your skin. It’s such a nice product to use before the age defence cleanser. Brilliant!

Sarah H

I love this cleanser. It feels really luxurious and works wonders removing waterproof mascara without aggravating my sensitive eyes.

Penny A

I have used this product for a couple of years now, It is a lovely light cleansing oil that is an excellent start to a cleansing routine. Gently removes all make-up, even waterproof mascara, and sunblock, so your cleanser can get to work.

Angela R

This came as a travel size bottle in the travel bag set I bought and I initially thought that it was a waste as it was something I would never use. However, I decided to try it to see what it was like and I am so glad I did - I love it. It makes my skin so soft and is really calming. I use it before the cleanser (which I also love). I wouldn't beRead more about review stating Pre Cleanse & Make Up Remover without it so I ordered the large size to make sure.

Helen C

This is a fantastic eye make up remover, the best I’ve ever used, and the cleanser is great. My skin has really improved and I’m so pleased I made the switch to this product. Well done to the ARK team and thank you.