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Jane S

I am a real Ark convert and was offered this product on a launch discount. I think the full price a little high, but in regards to the product itself, I suffer from constant dry lips all year round and have tried various other ranges. I am using this day and night.

Susan S

This lip cream is better than ANY lip balm etc. that I have ever tried. I suffer from really dry lips and this has worked wonders. Thank you once again, Ark!

Wendy J

I love this product! It keeps my lips feeling soft & moisturized. Better than any other product I've tried.

Shona C

Having only used this product for a couple of weeks I cannot tell if it has had any effect on my lip lines. Only to be expected as they have taken years to develop. However, I find it a pleasant texture i.e. Not greasy and performs well as a lip primer. I hope it works well as a conditioner as this will be valuable in the colder weather. Perhaps if it included sun protection it would be a true all-rounder.

Jacky B

This made my lips feel super soft and moisturised. As a person who has very thin lips, when applied before lipstick this did have a plumping effect on my lips.

Emma L

I absolutely love this lip cream, the packaging is beautiful. The bottle has a pump and the cream is lightweight and absorbed nicely without leaving a sticky or glossy look but it’s so hydrating! I love wearing liquid lipsticks but these often make my lips dry and flaky this cream has instantly transformed my lips. It does give a nice plumping effect too. It seems to stimulate my lips and gives a youthful fullness to them evening out fine lines on the mouth. I use this cream before my matte lipsticks and leave to sink in before application and nightly as a lip treatment and wake up to full lips that are hydrated. I definitely will be purchasing again when this is run out.