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Piers T

I often get breakouts on my chin. Think they are hormonal ... this serum takes down the redness and soreness really fast and its really easy to put makeup on top as it does not dry chalky like other spot treatments. Worth a try if you suffer from the same thing.

Shelley H

I was skeptical about this cream, but do you know what - it seems to work. It really does reduce the redness and help spots clear more quickly. Plus it doesn't feel toxic and dry out the skin. I'm converted!

Adele W

This is amazing - I feel so confident - it works!

Annie S

This product is amazing! I have had really bad skin and I have been using it for around two weeks now alongside the face cleanser and exfoliator and my skin has completely cleared up, It also takes away redness which is why it is so good. I would definitely recommend!!

Mary-Ann -

Been using this product now for about a year and the improvement on my skin is unbelievable! I really never thought I would be one of those 'no makeup day' women; well I am now and I love it! The new packaging is fab too.

Nikki S

This clearing serum is amazing! My daughter has been using it for her problem teenage skin along with the teenage cleanser and moisturiser and we couldn’t believe the difference, her skin is much clearer and not as oily. As a forty something who’s skin has decided to ‘change’ and become more oily and develop blackheads I thought I’d give it a try - once again the blackheads disappeared in a couple of weeks and we have both made it a daily part of our skincare routine. So glad we found ARK skincare - but with 2 daughters and myself using it I wish it was a little cheaper!

Lisa B

My daughter saw results within a few days and is hooked on this product. She loves the feel of it as well. She is also loving the hydration mask and uses hers (and mine!) once a week. Her skin has vastly improved and her breakouts have noticeably reduced.