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Ankara Refugee Project Jakari Sewing Project Bag

Ankara Refugee Project Jakari Sewing Project Bag

Ankara Refugee Project Jakari Sewing Project Bag

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Donate to the Ankara Refugee Project by purchasing One of the handmade Bags from the Jakari Sewing project. Choose from a donation of £5, £10, or £20.

Learn more about the Ankara Refugee Ministry here or by visiting the official site. 


Jaraki is the sewing project focused on empowering refugee women by teaching them specialized sewing skills. After six months of training, the women are able to create quality purses, bags, cases, and more with our signature design using traditional Turkish rugs. The women are then compensated for their products and can begin making an income.

Each of these women have overcome countless hardships to bring their families to Turkey. With the many obstacles to find work here, this training equips them with the necessary skills and opportunities to provide for their children.  

In December 2017, a group of women graduated from the project and were each gifted a sewing machine of their own to empower them further. This year, we will work to develop the course to equip more women for careers in the textile industry, while selling products locally and shipping internationally.

As the business grows and expands, we are able to help more refugee women create a more sustainable life in Turkey for themselves and their families. 

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