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Want to help the current refugee crisis?

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Here at Jersey Beauty Co, we believe that giving is good… very good. In fact, giving generously is one of our core values and something that each Jersey Beauty team member looks to do on a daily basis.

Our eyes constantly spy opportunities to use our influence wisely, and help people. Naturally, this desire to give generously has led us to support various charitable causes over the years.

Simply put, when you buy from Jersey Beauty Co, you enable us to make a difference to people that really need a helping hand.

Lately, we’ve made the decision to partner with a charity that is helping the refugee crisis in Turkey.

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  • According to UNHCR, Turkey hosts the world’s largest refugee population, 3.5 million refugees.
  • The majority of refugees are from Syria (3.2 million), with hundreds of thousands of others coming in from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • 90% of refugees reside in urban areas, like Ankara - the capital city of Turkey.
  • 70% of the refugees in Turkey are women and children.
  • Ankara Refugee Ministry helps refugees living in Ankara by meeting both short-term and long-term needs.
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Short term: they give out food parcels to 500 refugee families a week as well as donated clothing, blankets, hygiene kits, childrens coats and more. They also give access to first aid, simple health services and basic mediations.

Long term: they provide language classes in English and Turkish. They run friendship clubs and art classes.

But the greatest long-term project that Ankara Refugee Ministry run is the Jakari Sewing Project.

Jakari Sewing Project focuses on empowering refugee women by teaching them specialized sewing skills. After six months of training, the women are able to create quality purses, bags, cases and more with a signature design using traditional Turkish rugs. The women are then compensated for their products and can begin making an income.

In December 2017, a group of women graduated from the project and were each gifted a sewing machine of their own to empower them further. This year, we will work to develop the course to equip more women for careers in the textile industry, while selling products locally and shipping internationally.

As Jakari business grows and expands, Ankara Refugee Ministry are able to help more refugee women create a sustainable life in Turkey, for themselves and their families.

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One of the women in the Jaraki sewing project came to Turkey from Mosul, Iraq, two and a half years ago with her husband and five children aged 6-17. They lived in Mosul for a year under ISIS control, and she described how every day they were afraid for their lives and knew they had to leave.

After selling off all parts of their business to raise money, they left in the middle of the night and drove through the desert for 15 hours to remain hidden from ISIS – breaking down would have cost them dearly. At the Syrian border and then the Turkish border they waited many hours to pay thousands of dollars to cross. After this they were forced to climb mountains, knowing that they had to keep going – returning would mean death. Her daughter was only 6 years old and had no shoes, and everyone was in severe pain for many days.

She joined Jakari sewing project the first day it began and proved to be an excellent seamstress. She was efficient and consistent with regular items, and great at making ideas for new products become a reality. Working with Jaraki for two years, she was able to support her family through the income she made. Now at a point of deciding where to move with her family, she moved on from Jaraki, and ARM was able to gift her with a sewing machine opening up work opportunities wherever she goes.

How can you help?

We have decided that the best way to help refugees in Ankara is to sell Jakari products on our site, so that you can enjoy the products and help Turkish refugees rebuild their lives.

Simply select one of 3 donation amounts below - £5, £10 or £20 - and you will get a bag created by the refugee women at Ankara.

The money you give will grow the Jakari business, enabling refugee women to build a future for their families. Ultimately, you will give hope to refugees in desperate situations.

Each bag is individual - no two bags are alike! They are handmade from Turkish rugs and can be used to store your makeup, toiletries, skincare, pens, phones and money.

All of the money - every single penny you give - goes to the women at Jakari sewing project. We do not profit from this venture, we simply provide an opportunity for you to support these beautiful women.

Click the dropdown to select your donation amount and thank you for helping up support Ankara Refugee Ministry.

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