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What is ‘menopausal skincare’ and do you really need it?

Menopausal skincare is a new scientific beauty category, designed to give your skin the exact, unique ingredients it needs to look healthy and nourished throughout the perimenopause and menopause

Leading French beauty brand, Mary Cohr, contains every ingredient your skin needs as you approach the menopause.

On this page: learn how you can stock up on Mary Cohr products... without breaking the bank.

One less thing to worry about as you approach the menopause.

We’re going to get real with you here… menopause can be tough. From hot flushes to sleepless nights, you and I could be in for a bumpy ride in the years ahead. Thankfully, beauty brands are getting seriously scientific, wonderfully savvy - in truth, they are saving us from every skin care problem the perimenopause and menopause brings. Brands such as Mary Cohr… the leading French beauty company that have formulated a unique blend of sage, lavender and rosemary essential oils in their key products, to soothe, strengthen and de-stress your beautiful skin.

Mary Cohr can remove all of your skincare worries as you enter the perimenopause and menopause, so that you look radiant, healthy with supple skin.

At Jersey Beauty Company, we have created an array of Mary Cohr bundles. Simply put, you can receive huge savings of up to £75 when you buy 2 Mary Cohr products in one of our unique bundles! On this page, you’ll find out exactly how Mary Cohr products can deliver ingredients that your skin craves throughout late 40’s - 50’s. Plus, you’ll discover how to get your hands on a Mary Cohr bundle… before anyone else!

Mary Cohr is a brand that knows, if there is one thing that women struggle with throughout the menopause, it’s a loss of confidence...

It’s understandable. Not only are your hormones changing, your skin is acting up. Here’s what you can expect from your complexion in your late 40’s, as you approach the menopause years:

  1. Dry skin. Like, seriously dry… to the point of feeling itchy and sensitive.
  2. Sagging or slack skin. A loss of elasticity, making your skin feel heavy and appear wrinkled.
  3. Menopausal acne. Specifically around the jawline.
  4. Redness. Those hot flushes make us look red - sometimes this can be rosacea.
  5. Thin skin. Perhaps the most frustrating, this can make our complexion look dull or sallow.

With all this in mind, reader… here’s the truth:
Throughout the menopause, you will want to get caught up, criticising your changing appearance. Hormones might make you feel low, perhaps self-critical…
You’ll be tempted to get caught up in self doubt, as all of us do. While Mary Cohr skin care solutions won’t suddenly change the way you think about your body - this is a brand that believe that something really special happens when you start caring for your skin.

Founded by a pharmacist, Mary Cohr is rooted in science. It is a professional beauty brand, meaning that it is used in the best quality beauty salons throughout the UK and France. You may have heard of ‘DNA skincare’ before… this term encompasses an array of beauty products that look to repair skin damage at the cellular level. That means, rather than simply hydrating skin, ‘DNA skincare’ will actually repair wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, or uneven skin tone. Only certain ingredients work to repair skin’s DNA, making this practice high-level, technological and set apart from simple beauty balms and creams.
Because your skin goes through a lot of trauma and stress as the menopause approaches, Mary Cohr believe that this scientifically driven method of skincare is truly the best to give you the best results. In other words, if you actually want your skin to look glossy, despite the damage it is going through due to perimenopause and menopause, you’ll need ingredients that hea your skin on a cellular level, like Mary Cohr.

Here’s how Mary Cohr an heal your stressed skin throughout the menopause...

1. It delivers essential oils to dry skin. If your skin is seriously dry, Mary Cohr has the ability to bring amino acids, vitamins and fatty, good oils to your deep, skin layers. This will make your complexion appear plump and radiant. Nothing works to do this as well as Mary Cohr Vital Essences for Dry and Nutritionless Skin.

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2. Repairs sagging or slack skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, studies show that women’s skin loses about 30% of it’s collagen during the first 5 years of menopause. After that, the decline is more gradual. Women lose about 2% of their collagen every year for the next 20 years.If you are suffering loss of elasticity, Mary Cohr have developed an ingredient formula that will repair even the most damaged skin cells (this formula was tested in burns united on skin that was incredibly damaged.) The life formula contains 20 essential amino acids, 10 vitamins, 19 biological active ingredients, 7 mineral salts and can be found in Mary Cohr’s New Youth Cream

New Youth Cream

New Youth Cream

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3. Struggling with menopausal acne? Specifically around the jawline? Mary Cohr have created the Acnicidine Complex which will help to reduce sebum secretion and unblock open pores so that they don’t look big, obvious and irritated. Here’s a great product featuring this unique ingredient complex: Acninight Regulating Night Serum

Mary Cohr Purifying Corrective Serum

Purifying Corrective Serum ( formerly Acnight Regulator Night )

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4. Soothes redness. Ceramides that act as cement in your skin’s barrier will reduce as you go through the menopause, skin thus becomes drier and more irritated. Mary Cohr have spent many nights in the lab creating products that heal skin cells AND immediately deliver healthy-looking skin. Their Instant Anti-Redness cream is a hit with anyone that wants glowing skin that feels comfortable, cared for and healthy.

Anti Redness Cream

Instant Anti-Redness Cream

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Before the menopause, you may start to notice thin skin. Skin becomes thinner because of a decrease in oestrogen levels. In the menopause skin loses some ability to hold water, leaving it dehydrated and thin. Thin skin will feel sensitive. Luckily Mary Cohr have worked on a NutriZen formula of ingredients with omega 3, 6, and 9 and fatty acids, essential for the skin. Mary Cor’s Nuti Zen recreatse the skin's hydrolipidic film and restores intercellular cement, creating skin which is more supple and comfortable.

Nutri Zen


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BUT: WAIT. If you’ve never tried Mary Cohr before, here’s where you must begin...

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Step 1: Choose Your Vital Essences Product

If you are looking for a whole routine for menopausal skin, look no further. Pick 1 vital essences + 1 exfoliator + 1 moisturiser = you’ll be all set for menopause. Skin will look clear, supple, plump and bright, even if you feel flushed, frustrated and old.
In order to soothe, strengthen and de-stress skin as you go through the menopause, you must use Mary Cohrs unique range of products, beginning with ‘vital essences’.

‘Vital essences’ is the term used to describe a range of 5 Mary Cohr products that will give noticeable, radiant results, as you enter the menopause. They almost work like a vector, drawing down the active ingredients by about 3 times. Each vital essences product has the texture of a serum and includes 3 essential oils that can restore the skin to optimum health… Mary Cohr has selected three key 100% natural essential oils for their effectiveness and complementary skincare results: lavender, sage and rosemary.

  • Essential oil of sage - activates the skin’s re-generating functions
  • Essential oil of rosemary - activates the skin’s toning and simulating functions
  • Essential oil of lavender - activates the skin’s stress-relieving and soothing functions

The benefits of essential oils… with none of the drawbacks

Essential oils are highly concentrated in therapeutic energy and are so active that they can only be used when largely diluted in a neutral oil, which acts as a medium.

The essential oils rapidly penetrate skin, whereas the oil medium remains at the skin’s surface, leaving unsightly shine and an uncomfortable oily feeling.
Thanks to the patented process known as hydrogelification, Mary Cohr has revolutionised the application of essential oils. They are disposed in a hydrogel, which improves penetration and leaves the skin perfectly smooth and soft. Mary Cohr vital essences are exceptional skincare products designed to stimulate the vital functions of each skin type and enhance its appearance.

Select your Vital Essences product, based on skin type...

Vital essences are available in 5 versions: dehydrated skin, devitalised skin, dry and nutritionless skin, combination to oily skin and pigmented skin.

How to Use Vital Essences...

Vital essences are applied before each skincare product (cream, serum, mask) to meet your beauty goal.

  • In the morning, to awaken skin cells and make them more receptive to the subsequently applied beauty care products
  • In the evening to relieve stress in skin cells and soothe the surface circulation system after a hectic day, in order to promote the penetration and diffusion of the subsequently applied beauty care products
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Step 2: Choose a Remarkable Exfoliator

There are 2 Mary Cohr exfoliators to choose from.
One is super popular, Lily Essences Mild Exfoliator. If you want an exfoliator that is gentle on sensitive skin, yet has visibly smoothing results - this one is for you. Described as ‘liquid gold’ this product comes out as a golden gel, simply apply a little water and massage to remove dead skin cells and reveal your healthy skin. The truth is, as you enter the menopause, skin will not regenerate as a fast pace, and so you may notice dull or sallow skin. This is an easy way to change your skin’s contour, without harming your delicate, easily irritated complexion.

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Step 3: Use a Well-Loved Moisturiser

Ingenious cream. It’s not the only Mary Cohr moisturiser, but it is the one I want to draw your attention to. The best selling Mary Cohr moisturiser, primer and sun protection will work especially well on skin as you approach the menopause…

  • It contains mallows which plump skin, soften fine lines and give 24 hour hydration for your dry skin.
  • It holds a pigment which cleverly matches to every skin tone, reducing the appearance of red and flushed skin.
  • It also has SPF15 which will protect your thin and fragile skin from the sun, throughout the menopause.


Will Mary Cohr work for my skin type?

We’ve been working with Mary Cohr (and their sister company, Guinot) ever since 2008. We believe that you can build products from their range at an early age, in your 20s. Yet, most of the products centre on cellular repair, so they are perfect for late 40’s and upwards.
It has been created for skin with fine lines and wrinkles. Skin that lacks hydration and nutrition. Skin that craves radiance and a healthy, supple, bounce. You can choose your vital essences product based solely on skin type, then choose an exfoliator and moisturiser with the desired results you crave. If you need help choosing contact [email protected]

Is Mary Cohr natural and cruelty free?

Mary Cohr is cruelty free and GMO free. A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology. This creates combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and virus genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional cross breeding methods.

Mary Cohr will always strive to use the best from science and nature so in some cases they will opt for scientifically backed product changes such as diluting essential oils, in order to make them safe for skin.

Is Mary Cohr paraben free?

Yes, Mary Cohr is paraben free.

How does Mary Cohr compare to Guinot?
Mary Cohr has been created by the Guinot brand. It is unique as it looks to make use of essential oils to care for skin, particularly late 40’s - 50’s. The vital essences serums really set this brand apart, and make it excellent for menopausal skin conditions.

How does Mary Cohr compare to Dermalogica?
Mary Cohr tends to focus on reviving DNA, restoring skin on a cellular level. It has been tested on burns patients and can heal the most delicate skin.
In contrast, Dermalogica focuses it’s lens on skin trends and lifestyle. If you want to see fast results for fine lines, ageing, sagging skin, dehydrated or seriously dull skin - you will see results that are long-lasting with Mary Cohr. In fact, if you buy a Mary Cohr moisturiser in a glass jar and use it day in and day out for 3 months you will start to notice that skin is dramatically improved for the long term. Think of Mary Cohr as rescue and recover for skin that needs TLC and long term healing vs Dermalogica which focuses on the products that suit your current lifestyle needs and skin health.

How long can I keep a Mary Cohr product, once it’s been opened?

A usage period after opening is indicated on product packaging, which is denoted by a pictogram representing an open pot which indicates the recommended usage period, once packaging has been opened.
The recommended usage period is given as a number of months, which is the period during which the product must be used once it has been opened. In general it is 6 months and 18 months.

You can’t get Mary Cohr Bundles anywhere else…

Jersey Beauty Company is the home of Mary Cohr bundles. That means, when you buy 2 Mary Cohr products, as part of one of our exclusive bundles, you could save up to £75.

Featured bundles on these products…

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Vital Essences

when you buy 2x Mary Cohr Vital Essences bundle, for Dehydrated Skin...


Mary Cohr Bundle Landing Page 07

Ingenious Cream

2x Mary Cohr Ingenious Cream, to stop redness, protect skin in the sun and hydrate dryness…


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Age Signes Repair

Age Signes Repair a high-concentration serum, with 60 cell active ingredients, which will combat the visible signs of ageing. The skin looks visibly younger and firmer. Wrinkles and lines are lessened and signs of fatigue fade.


Money Back Gaurantee Icon 18

Jersey Beauty Company have a 30-day no quibble guarantee which means, you can buy all the Mary Cohr products you want, try them out! If you don’t like them, send the products back to us within 30 days for a refund. No risk shopping means truly beautiful skin for Happy Remarkable You!

You’ve got it by now: Mary Cohr is results driven and it will deliver the right ingredients to make a noticable difference to your skin, throughout the menopause.

Be the first to grab a Mary Cohr bundle by browsing our huge savings below…