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Welcome, Happy Remarkable You

Hey, welcome to the Jersey Beauty Company. Like you, we love skincare. In fact, we’re full of passion for all things health and beauty. You’ll find some of the greatest skin education and beauty products, when you browse our blog and website. But first, here are a few beauty-industry habits that you won’t find at the Jersey Co:

  • Grumpy and grizzly customer service staff (our bunch are clothed with honesty…. and treated to a lot of biscuits!)
  • Heavily edited, or photo-shopped, people-shapes and complexions.
  • Lies and myths about your skin and beauty.

Instead? Our mission is to show you what it feels like to be celebrated.

It’s a happiness thing: true happiness comes from recognising existing beauty – not achieving flawless, photo-shopped perfection. That’s why we won’t exclude you on account of your age, skin type or shape. We are devoted advocates of Happy Remarkable You (the you you happen to be.)

If you want to discover which beauty products are right for you and enjoy shame-free skincare, you’ve found the right place. Join our Jersey family and begin to embrace your unique beauty, at every stage of life.

The Jersey Beauty Company

What our Awesome Customers Say

"My first order just arrived promptly today. Really impressed. Will definitely be placing another order! Loved the friendly communication. Many thanks"

JANE, London

"I am just writing to say what excellent customer service and extra fast delivery I have received from your company. superb service, I will definitely use your company again and will recommend you"

ALISTAIR, United Kingdom

"WOW ! It was on the doorstep the very next day! amazing !! Fantastic service guys. Will def use you from now on. Can't recommend you enough. Sweeties were fab. nice touch. Outstanding. many thanks."

LORRAINE, United Kingdom

Our Beautiful Journey

The Jersey Beauty Difference

Let us know if this sounds familiar ...

You need to contact a customer service team, to ask a question about something that you purchased recently.

Feelings? Well, you are a little tense. After all, past experience with online customer service teams has been disappointing… to say the least. What should be a crazy simple return, or an easy query, ends in stress.

You are passed down a never-ending chain of employees. It seems like you are an inconvenience. Nothing is resolved.

What Makes Jersey Beauty Company Different?

At Jersey Beauty Company, customer service is priority for the entire company. We’ve ditched words like ‘manager’ and ‘boss’ (that’s not our style) and instead every single team member is responsible for upholding the company family values.

What does that mean? Read on and you might be surprised.

Most companies have incredible visions to save the world, make lots of money and blow competition away. This is “Vision Based Leadership.” For these companies, vision is priority.

At JBC, “Values Based Leadership” inspires us. Simply put, we care more about our values than chasing vision. Putting others before ourselves is crucial. We will treat you like we treat each other, with the service we would like but rarely encounter. Scroll down for more of what keeps us motivated...

Why Our Values Matter

You can’t have Values Based Leadership without a set of… values, of course!

Our values are really (really) important to us – they make us the kind of people we are. So read them and read them some more to get to know what makes us tick, floats our boats and drives us to LEAP out of bed on a morning, eager to serve Happy Remarkable You.


Be challengers of misconception, avoiders of assumption & busters of bias.

We believe that people shapes are human shapes with knobbly bits and curvy bits, smooth bits and bumpy bits, odd bits and equal bits. So we will ignore industry hype and create a new definition of beauty where individuality is king, self esteem is queen & where being human is being ourselves. There will be no products wrapped up with lies & mythical powers. We will value difference & encourage potential and our team and our customers will know that being themselves is exactly how we like them.