Dermalogica Active Moist

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Dermalogica Active Moist
Dermalogica Active Moist
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Dermalogica Active Moist is a lightweight, oil-free lotion for daily moisture protection that actively combats surface dehydration while smoothing the skin's surface with botanical extracts.

Benefits of Dermalogica Active Moist

  • Provides effective skin hydration, without oils.
  • Smoothes skin and helps improve texture.
  • Absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy after-feel.

Key Ingredients in Dermalogica Active Moist

  • Silk Amino Acids help smooth and improve skin texture.
  • Natural botanical astringents Lemon, Ivy, Watercress and Burdock help to refine the skin.
  • Soothing extracts of Lavender, Mallow and Cucumber help provide deep-hydration.

Application of Dermalogica Active Moist

  1. Apply over damp face and throat with light, upward strokes. Best used following Multi-Active Toner.
  2. Can be applied over or mixed with a concentrated booster for additional results.

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I love this moisturiser! Some one told me about it when I was having problems with dry skin. I switched from another good brand and now I\'d never go back!
(Michelle, Hove Customer)

Brilliant for every day. Non-greasy - just disappears and leaves skin feeling soft and looking great. Great under make-up as it doesn\'t leave skin shiny
(Katherine, Norfolk Customer)

Best moisturiser out there.. Not too heavy or too light, great for maintaining and balancing out skin moisture.
(Deborah, Edinburgh, United Kingdom Customer)

Life saver of a product! Just what my skins needs every day and night very light yet does the job perfectly. Brilliant product!
(Evelyne, New Barnet, United Kingdom Customer)

Amazing product, don't know what I'd do without it! Works beautifully after special cleansing gel/ multi-active toner. Moisturises skin without making it greasy. A little bit goes a long way
(Beth, manchester, United Kingdom Customer)

This is very good product. Very light but it doesn't make my skin feel dry.
(Marko, pori, Finland Customer)

Excellent moisturiser I've been using for over 10 years, light and non greasy great for day and night,
(Justine, Exeter, United Kingdom Customer)

A moisturiser that is light and not greasy. On the skin IT keeps the skin soft enough to apply make up and not slide. A little goes a long way.
(Natalie, Kidderminster, United Kingdom Customer)

very nice item.
(Santa, Aland, Finland Customer)

I have oily skin and have been using this moisturiser for years as it's so light. Last for AGES too! I had to move to a richer one when I was pregnant as my skin went really dry!
(Wendy, Huddersfield, United Kingdom Customer)

i love this moisturiser, it's so light and delicate i'm confident on using it on my sensitive skin. Dermalogica has been a godsend, and this product in particular has really helped control my sensitive / combination skin which is prone to breakouts. My skin now looks awesome, clear and balanced. I'm an Active Moist disciple!
(Emma Jane, LONDON, United Kingdom Customer)

I love this moisturiser, its perfect for my combination and sensitive skin and it smells divine!
(Katharine, East Dulwich, United Kingdom Customer)

This moisturiser sinks in and make my skin feel completely quenched. You only need a small amount so it lasts for a long time as well.
(Monique, Chelmsford, United Kingdom Customer)

Fab product, ordered a standard active moist and got the gift pack with free products in it what a lovely surprise!!
(Charlotte, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Customer)

lovely light moisturiser, doesn't leave skin feeling greasy
(Loraine, peterhead, United Kingdom Customer)

I find this moisturiser perfect for the winter months when the combination of cold weather and central heating plays havoc with my skin. When you feel like your skin is dehydrated this is like giving your complexion a thirst quenching glass of water. Also texture is nice and light - easily absorbed and a perfect base for make-up. I am a big fan of Demalogica Active Moist.
(Alison, London, United Kingdom Customer)

I like natural products on my face and love the dermalogica range available. Active moist feels great on my skin, nice and light.
(Fay, peterborough, United Kingdom Customer)

An amazing product - the best moisturiser on the market. Lasts for about 3 months using it twice daily. I have been using active moist for about 5 years and have never been happier with a moisturiser. I encourage anybody who doesn't use this product to definitely give it a go - it is light, absorbs quickly into your skin and smells great. Try it with the multi-active toner too, they are great together.
(Juliet, Somerton, United Kingdom Customer)

I have difficult skin and I'm very particular about what I like (and don't like) on my face. Active moist is the one product that really works for me, as it's soft to the skin and feels really natural.
(Annemarie, Grenoble, France Customer)

I have difficult skin and I'm very particular about what I like (and don't like) on my face. Active moist is the one product that really works for me, as it's soft to the skin and feels really natural.
(Annemarie, Grenoble, France Customer)

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